Hot as hell… and homeless

Melbourne’s heat waves are tough.  But for those of us experiencing homelessness, heatwaves can be potentially life threatening.  If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness, there’s some great resource:

Free pool and cinema passes can be collected from a range of agencies including CohealthSalvation Army and via City of Melbourne’s daily support team.

The Salvation Army’s Hamodava Café will also be opened as an overnight respite service in the event of a extreme heat.

More details can be found in the City of Melbourne’s Heatwaves and Homelessness action plan, or on Council to Homeless blog post

During heat waves it’s a great idea to perhaps visit local art galleries, libraries, or drop into a friendly local community centre Port Phillip Community Group

We’ve got a freezer full of icy poles if you want to drop in for a chat or need some advice and support.

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