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Is there a bond? 2017-08-15T04:50:02+10:00

No, there is no bond.

How long is my tenancy for? 2017-08-15T04:26:10+10:00

There is no time limit to your tenancy with us. This is long term housing.

Where is the housing located? 2017-08-15T04:49:51+10:00

All of our housing is located in the City of Port Phillip: most in the suburbs of South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, and Albert Park.

What is the difference between this and public housing? 2017-08-15T04:49:40+10:00

There’s not a lot of difference. Community housing and public housing both provide long term, secure housing at an affordable rent based on your income. Community housing has more options for single person households. We are able to provide more individual support to tenants. And any surplus income is used to build or purchase new community housing. We have taken on/constructed 71 new units in the last three years.

What do I have to pay up front when I start a tenancy? 2017-08-15T04:49:34+10:00

New tenants are required to pay at least one week in advance; preferably two weeks if on a fortnightly pension or benefit.

How do I pay my rent? 2017-08-15T04:49:23+10:00

Rent can be paid by:

  • Centrepay – direct deductions from your Centrelink pension or benefit according to a form you submit to them. We can help you with this. We have the forms at our office.
  • Pay in person at any ANZ Bank. We will give you an ANZ Deposit Book that has a unique identifying number for you.
  • Bank transfer- regular fornightly or weekly transfer. You organise this with your bank. We will give you our bank account details.
I have had no permanent home for a while and have no equipment- what can I do? 2017-08-15T04:49:18+10:00

New tenants who have no equipment are provided with bedding, towel, basic toiletries kit, bucket with cleaning equipment, saucepans, crockery, cutlery. And a voucher to get some coffee, tea, milk, bread and sugar at the supermarket.

How do I get repairs done? 2017-08-18T05:43:42+10:00

Repairs can be reported to our office 9:30am to 4:30pm and to our Call Centre after hours. If you have an urgent after hours repair, please call our office on 03 9696 1128 and follow the prompts to be put through to our after hours service.
Urgent repairs that are about bad water leaks, failure of gas, electricity, water, a failure that makes your premises unable to be secured, a blocked or broken toilet, or significant damage from things like storms, will be repaired in accordance with the Act within 24 hours.
Other repairs have different time lines- ask the Housing Program team.

Can I bring my own furniture? 2017-08-15T04:48:38+10:00

Most of our housing is rented to you fully furnished. That includes bed, bedside table, couch or large easy chair, coffee table, refrigerator, dining table, two chairs, fitted wardrobe. Yes, please let us know when you sign up if you want to bring you own bed, or couch, or other furniture.

How often does rent go up? 2017-08-15T04:48:26+10:00

Rent increases/reviews only ever happen once per year. 60 days notice in writing is given.

Do I have to leave community housing if I get a job? 2017-08-15T04:22:28+10:00

New tenants must meet General Public Housing income but if existing tenants get a job they can stay. Rent will increase according to the new income, however. 25% of income or market rent (as set by the State Government) is charged, whichever is lower.

Can a friend or relative move in? 2017-08-15T04:21:55+10:00

Friends and relatives may not move in. Most our housing is for single person occupancy only. All new tenants must apply through standard processes.

What do I do if I’m not coping? 2017-08-16T03:52:21+10:00

Our staff are professionally trained and have good knowledge of local health services. Talk to us. Or check the resources listed on this website.

What do I do if my neighbour is being loud or annoying? 2017-08-15T04:47:53+10:00

Step One is talk to your neighbour and explain gently that their behaviour is causing you problems. If that fails, please talk to our Housing Program staff.

What if I think my rent is incorrect? 2017-08-15T04:47:41+10:00

Contact the Housing Program and a statement will be printed. It is useful to come in to our office to discuss this.

What happens if I get behind in my rent? 2017-08-16T03:51:39+10:00

Contact the Housing Program. We will always negotiate repayment arrangements when a tenant lets us know what’s going on for them, and regularly stays in touch.

What if I have received a notice to go to VCAT? 2017-08-15T04:47:13+10:00

This might happen if you have fallen very behind in rent and are not communicating with our staff, or if it is alleged your behaviour is causing issues for others and other remedies have not been successful. To get support at VCAT you can contact:
Victoria Legal Aid
Tenants Union Victoria
Justice Connect Homeless Law

Can I get Foxtel connected? 2017-08-16T01:04:45+10:00

A number of our tenants have had Foxtel connected. There is a line in to some of the buildings we manage. Please ask the Housing Program team about your building.

Can I move to a bigger place, or another location with South Port? 2017-08-15T04:46:44+10:00

We do have policies that allow people to register their interest to ‘graduate’ up to a bigger place after a significant period of stable tenancy with us. Ask Housing Program team for more details.

We do more than provide accommodation, we are committed to creating a place to call home.