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Community Street Party

Every year since 2015, we have put on an annual Community Street Party in Marshall Street, South Melbourne (behind South Melbourne Town Hall). The street party revolves around lots of food and good music, and aims to: be a social outing for our tenants connect our organisation to the wider community including local residents and [...]

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Homeshare: a different way of providing housing options

An innovative program for creating new housing options without building new housing, Homeshare programs have been popping up and expanding in many countries. Homeshare programs carefully create safe and compatible matches between people with spare rooms who could also benefit from some help and companionship, with people needing affordable accommodation. South Port has engaged in [...]

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Rooming House Conversion Program

We started out life in the 1980s as a manager of State Government owned rooming houses. In those days rooming houses were for people from all walks of life, including local workers at the docks and younger people coming to the city to look for work. Over time, government eligibility rules changed, and the tenant [...]

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